Our Strategy

Support, through minority positions, to Spanish companies in their respective professionalisation and internationalization processes.

Our mission is to support, through minority positions, to Spanish companies in the development of organic and inorganic growth plans, professionalisation activities and internationalisation.

SOPEF focuses its investment strategy on companies with potential value creation, managed by excellent management teams in attractive sectors.

SOPEF supports these medium-sized companies with financing and active participation, creating value throughout the life of the investment in areas such as strengthening the management team, organizational optimization, corporate governance, business support, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions and execution of build-ups.

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¿What are our Investment Criteria?

We invest in leading Spanish companies in their respective markets with a proven track record, EBITDA between €5 and €50 million and attractive growth opportunities (organic, international expansion or consolidation)

track record

Track-record tested and with growth potential

We mainly focus on companies that have clear internationalization plans where we can provide differential value


Companies with an international vocation

A professional management team, aligned with the future growth of the company and with a high level of commitment, is key to the success of our investments


Led by strong management teams

We invest in a wide range of sectors where Spain has relevant knowledge and reputation


Generalist sectoral approach

The Funds vocation is to support, through minority positions, Spanish companies

largo plazo

€7 to €30m investments through minority positions

SOPEF is flexible in its exit strategy, being able to structure various mechanisms that are aligned with the rest of the shareholders. Examples include the preferred acquisition by the majority shareholder, joint exit, incorporation of new partner, etc


Flexible exit strategies

Potential investment scenarios


  • Professionalisation of the company
  • Active support in operating and/or commercial activities
  • Capital increase for international expansion opportunities
  • Inorganic growth (market consolidation, vertical integration or internationalisation)

¿How we create value?

SOPEF supports medium-sized companies with financing and active participation, adding value throughout the life of the investment.

valor entrada

Entry into the company

  • Optimization of capital structure.
  • Flexibility in terms of investment size and structure.
  • Agile decision-making.
  • Strong experience in financial planning.
  • Strong access, experience and relationship with financing institutions.
valor desarrollo

Project development

  • Active support to the company and management team.
  • Total availability.
  • Contribution of specific and strategic know-how in various industries.
  • Support from two highly recognised public institutions with strong track-record (SGRF and COFIDES).
  • Access to strategic partners.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Spanish economic environment as well as internationally.
  • Professionalisation of Corporate Governance.
  • Strong experience in M&A, identification of local partners, integration processes, etc.
  • Responsible and compromised partner.
valor salida


  • Flexibility in investment period.
  • Divestment coordinated with partners and management team.
  • Contribution of extensive knowledge in sales processes.
  • Access to financial markets.
  • Search for the right partner for the next phase of the company.
creamos valor

Responsible investment

Finally, SOPEF strongly believes that beyond the expected profitability, a wide range of non-economic-financial factors should play a key role in evaluating any agreement. In particular, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues are taken into consideration throughout the different investment steps, not only because of their intrinsic relevance, but also because of the growing demand from our customers, suppliers and the society.

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